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BioFishency’s founders have been working on aquaculture projects around the world for nearly 20 years. Their extensive experience in growing fish and in aquaculture projects in diverse geographical, market and economic locations led them to understand the market’s needs and to develop a technology and product best aligned with these needs.

Cobi Levanon

Co-founder and CEO

A former consultant and independent project manager for Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture. Established and managed the Dag Suf farm in Eilat; accompanied the establishment and operation of an intensive fish farm at Kibbutz Yizrael; and consulted to fish farms in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast. B.Sc. in marine biology.

Igal Magen

Co-founder and CTO

The former head of the Aquaculture Division at Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture. Consulted for and managed public and private aquaculture projects in numerous countries in Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and USAID projects in Guyana. B.Sc. in marine biology.


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